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Landscape Edging Uses and Types

Landscape Edging Uses and Types

The landscape edging plays many important roles in any garden. In general, the edging for landscaping helps accentuate each area in your garden, thus defining the form and shape of the whole design. Mostly, it is used to create the crisp, clean lines between garden beds and other areas. However, it can also define a shrub bed, a flower border, or a transition from your garden patio to its surroundings.

About Landscape Edging

There are some common types of landscape edging often used by homeowners to complement their outdoor space design. The landscape edging stone is very versatile and can be set carefully in a mortar to create a refined look, or arranged more casually instead. There is brick edging too, known for its long-lasting quality and elegant look, ideal for a uniform appearance.

Alternatively, you may want to go for the concrete edging. Many are available as preformed sections so you can set them in place for an easier installation. Wood is also one of the common garden edging options, thanks to its relatively cheap price. Plus, wood is really easy to work with if you want to pursue the straight lines. Typically, the wood landscape edging can last up to 10 years.

Landscape edging and also lawn edging roll and also brown garden edging and also landscape bed edger

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